• I’m pretty sure nobody plans for something like this. I was just getting ready to announce the arrival of my new album “Puentes” when a category 5 hurricane named Maria hit the island of Puerto Rico. All of the sudden everything changed. Even worse than that, everything came to a halt.

    Believe it or not, it has been 84 days without power and still counting… I have endured the terrible pain of having no communication with my family for weeks. I survived the cold showers and the long lines and struggle to get basics like food, drinking water, batteries, gas or ice. I have gotten used to making coffee and cooking either with candles or a small camping gas stove. Even the smesh tent that keeps away the mosquitoes in the middle of my living room doesn’t look weird to me anymore.

    Besides the angst and desperation felt during those weeks I couldn’t have any contact with my family, the toughest part of this post-hurricane life has been having my musical life put on hold. The excitement of sharing a new album with the world suddenly turned into feelings of powerlessness and frustration. My concert calendar was also wiped out.

    It took a while for the passion for music to turn into solution searching and action. It took some time before I could muster the strength and the courage to be myself again. But I did it! These days you’ll find me as committed and motivated as ever, hunting for electricity and free wi-fi wherever I can find it. Shopping centers, fast food joints and coffee houses (my personal favorite) are my new office.

    I guess this is what happens when giving up is not an option. You find a way to go forward. If there is one thing that Maria has taught me is that when it comes to music, I will always find a way to keep going no matter what. As we say in Puerto Rico: Pa’lante siempre. Pa’tras ni pa’ coger impulso.