• Brenda Hopkins Miranda’s sixth album, Puentes (2017) is here!

    Puentes is Puerto Rican pianist, composer, arranger and producer Brenda Hopkins Miranda’s sixth album as a leader. The album was recorded live during three intense days at El Padrino Studio. Puentes is the most recent work by an artist that is constantly searching for new ways to express music in her own terms.

    This is the first time that Hopkins Miranda includes singers in one of her albums. There are 8 singers – all Puerto Rican – that collaborate on Puentes as guest artists. Each song was chosen and each arrangement was created to bring out the best of each singer.

    This is also the first time that Brenda records songs composed by other people. The songs were chosen because of their message and because they have had a big influence in the pianist’s life since childhood. Her artistic goal for this album was to be able to transform and give a new sound to a group of well-known songs without altering their essence.

    All the songs include some sort of musical bridge on which the element of improvisation is very present. There is no doubt that improvisation has always had a protagonist role in Hopkins Miranda’s work.

    The artist says music is her favorite tool for constructing bridges and uniting. With Puentes Hopkins Miranda looks to overcome the distance between musical genres, tradition and innovation, simplicity and complexity, races, persons, languages, beliefs and generations because for the artist music is LOVE.


    1. El Cumbanchero (Rafael Hernández)
    2. Muéveme el Cafecito (Jesús Sánchez Erazo “Don Chuito”)
    3. Feelin’ Good (Anthony Newley & Leslie Bricusse)
    4. Black Coffee (Sonny Burke & Paul Francis Webster)
    5. Preciosa (Rafael Hernández)
    6. Verde Luz (Antonio Cabán Vale)
    7. Lamento Borincano (Rafael Hernández)
    8. Romance del Campesino (Roberto Cole)
    9. People Get Ready (Curtis Mayfield)
    10. Sal a Caminar (Roy Brown)
    11. Donde Yo Nací (Claudio Ferrer)


    Brenda Hopkins Miranda: piano and claps

    Manuel Martínez: drums

    David de León: bass

    Andrés Cruz: percussion

    Frederick Lashawn: percussion

    Christopher de León: guitar (5, 8, 9)

    Jeanne d’Arc Casas: footwork and claps (2, 6)

    Fofé Abreu: voice (1)

    Cheryl Rivera: voice (3, 8)

    Emily Gómez: voice (4)

    Lizbeth Román:

    voice and guitar (6)

    Javier Gómez: voice and harmónica (8), guitar (3)

    Ana del Rocío: voice (9)

    Eduardo Alegría: voice (10)

    Tito Auger: voice (11)

    Choir: Ashley Sánchez, Efraín Lebrón, Héctor González, Juan Rosado, Madeleine Robles, Shaina Medina y Vladimar Peña (3, 11)


    Producer, director and arranger: Brenda Hopkins Miranda

    Studio: El Padrino

    Recording and mixing engineers: Hilton Colón y Jackeline Rivera

    Recording assistant: Julio González

    Mastering: Esteban Piñero

    Photography: Felipe Torres

    Graphic design: José Torruella