• The Spanish radio show Mundofonías has included Brenda Hopkins Miranda’s song Muéveme el Cafecito from her new album Puentes on their September New Releases. This show is listened to in over 40 countries around the world.

    We start with the three September Mundofonías’ favorite albums, by Chet Nuneta, a vocal and global proposal from France, and two more women that present musical traditions so different and distant as equally enchanting: Maria Siwiec from Poland and Betsayda Machado with Parranda El Clavo from Venezuela. We continue with the première of the new Las Áñez‘ album, from Colombia, to be presented at BOmm (Bogotá Music Market), and with other artists from BrazilBelgiumGreece or the Basque Country that will be performing at WOMEX showcases to be held in Poland in October. We complete today’s show with more music coming from Puerto RicoItalia and India.

    Favoritos de septiembre / September favorites

    • Chet Nuneta – Kat goneno – Agora: Chants migratoires
    • Maria Siwiec – Ścieżka – Śpiewaczka z gałek rusinowskich
    • Betsayda Machado & Parranda El Clavo – Merengada e’ ron – Loé loá: Rural recordings under the mango tree

    Escenarios y novedades / On stage and new releases

    • Metá Metá – Odara Elegbara – EP3
    • Las Áñez – No siendo más – Al aire
    • Brenda Hopkins Miranda – Muéveme el cafecito – Puentes
    • Black Flower – Bones – Artifacts
    • Dimitris Mystakidis – To moro mou – Amerika
    • Juan Mari Beltran – Hamarretakoetan – Basque music [VA]
    • Officina Zoè – La grazia – Live in India
    • Timir Boron Das – Are baikuntha batash – Bhawaiya [VA]
    • Nikos Tsiachris – Alcance (bulería) – Alcance