“Hopkins is one of those exceptional artists who have the capacity to capture the listener’s attention and express infinite emotions with just one note.” LATIN JAZZ NETWORK

Brenda Hopkins Miranda is a Puerto Rican pianist, composer, improviser, arranger, producer, author and educator. Hopkins Miranda is characterized by her virtuosistic piano playing, as well as her ability to create emotional depth and nuance in her music.

Brenda’s childhood home was always filled with sounds from all over the world. This led her to intuitively reject stylistic boundaries. Overall her music is a unique and powerful expression of her Puerto Rican heritage and her mastery of the jazz and classical idioms. Having grown up with the sounds that encompass Puerto Rican music, she has continued to expand by adding all sorts of multicultural influences to her sound.

A consummate traveler and beneficiary of a bilingual and bicultural environment, her sense of purpose has always been to genuinely exploit the piano as a personal extension and to convey melodious concepts with deft imagery and drama. Her compositions can be labeled as a musical autobiography or self-portrait. As a performer she is known for her expressive sensibilities, daring compositions, powerful grooves and daring improvisations.

Her sound is percussive, lush, melancholic, vibrant, energetic, compelling and uplifting. While you listen to her you have the sense that nothing is missing or superfluous, that each sound arrives in the perfect moment.

Throughout her life Brenda has spent countless hours watching the 360-degree water-wrapped horizon that surrounds her. The combination of wonder and isolation triggered by island living has inspired her to view music as a bridge building method. Her mission is to create and share honest, unique, magical and liberating experiences that can bring people together.