“The first keyword that comes to mind when listening to Brenda and her high-spirit players is “spontaneous”… every track is jam-packed with freedom, emotion and unity… I give Brenda & her players a MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED, with an “EQ” (energy quotient) rating of 4.98 for this splendid album…” CONTEMPORARY FUSION REVIEWS

Puentes may very well be one of the best 2017 Latin Jazz albums.” SOLAR LATIN CLUB

Every once in a while one comes across a CD of such superb quality and beauty that it restores your faith in music.” JAZZ TIMES

Hopkins Miranda mixes rhythms together with the intensity of a mad scientist and comes up with something quite unlike any other ethnic jazz mixture out there. This is highly recommended.” CADENCE MAGAZINE

Her improvisations, unexpected at times, are the perfect union of intellect and emotion. And they can lead us to paths full of surprises without losing coherence and fluidity.” LATIN JAZZ NETWORK

You get a sense that she speaks and plays from a place that few are courageous enough to investigate.” NORTHEAST PERFORMER

This is really a fine record, with immense world music appeal. It has a nice cosmopolitan flavor. Miranda’s rich piano themes and inventive soloing will keep you coming back for multiple reviews. Highly recommended.” JAZZ INSIDE MAGAZINE

A consummate traveler and beneficiary of a bilingual and bicultural environment, her sense of purpose is to genuinely exploit the piano as a personal extension to convey melodious concepts with deft imagery and drama.” ALL ABOUT JAZZ

Brenda has incorporated to her legacy a great musical tradition in the most natural and organic way possible. And along the way brings us one of the best jazz recordings that have ever been made in this country.” EL NUEVO DIA

Aeropiano is an invitation to travel through Hopkins’ eclectic influences. On each of the fifteen tracks, the audience will find something different and surprising, always with the passionate playing of Brenda Hopkins Miranda.” CARIBE JAZZ MAGAZINE

Brenda Hopkins Miranda has created one of the best and most complete albums of the year.” REVIEWS NEW AGE

Mention must also be made of her fine playing. She employs a highly percussive rhythmic approach and is capable of generating real fire, often through the employment of energy-building, obsessive polyrhythmic hemiolas.” CANDENCE MAGAZINE

We heard her enthusiastic and very eloquent, directing her band with conviction. They sound credible, honest and danceable.” EL IDEAL (Granada, Spain)

While you listen to her you have a sense that nothing is missing or superfluous, that each sound arrives at the perfect moment.” LATIN JAZZ NETWORK

With influences that go from jazz to Afro-Puerto Rican and Caribbean rhythms, passing by flamenco and bluegrass among others, Hopkins Miranda promises a show in which categories are unnecessary.” EL NUEVO DIA

“Brenda Hopkins Miranda’s thoughts on Rafael Hernandez’s “Preciosa” demonstrated precise dynamic control.” BOSTON GLOBE

“Hopkins is one of those exceptional artists who have the capacity to capture the listener’s attention and express infinite emotions with just one note.” LATIN JAZZ NETWORK