Music & Me

  • My musical life as an independent musician has always been the life of a thousand hats. Don’t get me wrong. I wouldn’t trade it for anything else. Waking up every morning filled with excitement and passion is the way it is and the I want it to stay. Composer, arranger, musical director, producer, web designer, […]

  • Lots of people think about the term restart around this time of year. The new year provokes an avalanche of resolutions and goal lists that may or may not ever get done. Restart has been a main part of the conversation here in post-Maria Puerto Rico for a while now. Even the most popular local […]

  • There is an “out there” kind of place that I truly love. No GPS will help you find it. I know it’s there ‘cause I’ve been there myself. In fact, I was there last week when we were doing one of our jam sessions. My bandmates were pulling towards a heavy rock thing, but I […]

  • It may sound strange for a musician to say this, but silence has been one of my best friends for a very long time. Honestly, I wish more musicians would feel the same. Most musicians I know like to play on every song from beginning to end. Playing is so much fun. I know. But […]

  • I’m pretty sure nobody plans for something like this. I was just getting ready to announce the arrival of my new album “Puentes” when a category 5 hurricane named Maria hit the island of Puerto Rico. All of the sudden everything changed. Even worse than that, everything came to a halt. Believe it or not, […]

  • Each new album is a new adventure for me. I never get tired of trying to surprise my audience and myself by coming up with new ways to transform my life into music. My new album “Puentes” is no exception. If you want to find out why I titled it ‘Puentes’ check out this video […]

  • Brenda Hopkins Miranda’s sixth album, Puentes (2017) is here! Puentes is Puerto Rican pianist, composer, arranger and producer Brenda Hopkins Miranda’s sixth album as a leader. The album was recorded live during three intense days at El Padrino Studio. Puentes is the most recent work by an artist that is constantly searching for new ways […]

  • Here is a short video to give you a clue of what you can expect from my new album “Puentes”. I hope you guys enjoy this Teaser I edited it myself!!!