I was recently invited to be one of the guest artists performing with guitar player and ex New York Yankees baseball star Bernie Williams. “Bernie Williams and Friends” was definitely the right name for these two concerts at the Teatro Tapia. For me music always represents the opportunity to have a wonderful experience and these concerts turned out to be amazing.

When you find yourself surrounded by that extraordinary and powerful combination of talent and humility there are no limits to what can happen onstage. First, other people’s talent can serve as fuel for an inspired performance. Second, humility makes musical conversations possible.

Great music can only happen through great teamwork and when you put together a group of people with good chemistry magic becomes instantly available. The audience can always tell if musicians are really enjoying themselves. The more we enjoy it, the more they can enjoy it with us.

We were certainly having lots of fun at the Teatro Tapia, three hours of fun as a matter of fact. I am always ready to make some more music with friends.

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  1. “Music and friends – Brenda Hopkins Music” was indeed a remarkable blog.
    If it owned even more images it could be quite possibly even better.

    All the best ,Laurence

    1. Thanks for the visit and sharing your feedback Laurence. I’ll make sure to keep it in mind for the next post. If you want to check out some really cool images from the Bernie Williams concerts make sure you visit my Facebook page. Best wishes always, Brenda

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